January 30, 2012

God's Blessings ☺

I couldn't help but add a smiley face on the title of this post! I just couldn't, because this week was {and will be} a heck load of fun and surprises. First off, my english teacher emailed me me back regards my paper, and I was so happy with her comments! She told me that the essay was (verbatim) "...easy read. Creative execution. Would love to read more." This really made me happy, and I think that God really blessed me with the focus and attention I put to this personal essay. 

P.S Almost all of the photos I post now will be watermarked! I know, even if the picture isn't artsy or even lovely at all, I just want to prevent the number of image grabbers I've been getting in the past few days. It's really getting on my nerves. I'm also sorry if you can't appreciate the picture because of my name in big letters sticking out! 

I don't know, its just that whenever I have my docs, I just have to take a picture of them!

Second blessing: I got late birthday gifts from my aunt Sharon, and you CANNOT believe how surprised I was when I opened them. I screamed!!! Literally. My aunt is just full of loveliness. Want to know what she gave me? Amazing stuff, that's what. And guess what? The stuff came from my w i s h l i s t here! I can't think of any creative way to present my gifts, so let me just show you pictures of the gifts from lightest to heaviest! (The same way she asked me to open the gifts. There were 3 packages.)

This is probably the cutest stuffed toy that I have. I love love love Totoro! ♥ Totoro now sleeps beside me every night. He's soooo cuddly and soft and I love to play with his eyes. 

More film! I will definitely save up for the class field trip that we're going to have in a few days. 


SX 70!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry for all of those exclamation points, but my Aunt went through all the trouble of ordering this camera with a leather bag for it just for me. I'm so overwhelmed as I type right now, I don't really know what to say! I can't believe that she actually got this camera for my 13th birthday, I just...It's lovely.

And if you're reading this {Tita} Sharon? (Tita is AUNT in my native tongue, Filipino) 
Maraming Salamat sa mga regalo na binigay mo para sa akin. Mahal na mahal kita! 

And God didn't stop there! My mom came home the same night I opened my gifts with a little package from another Aunt. I was shocked, stunned, surprised, overwhelmed, happy, jaw down and eyes wide at the package. It was ANOTHER camera! A LOMOgraphy camera, to be exact! An Action Sampler! 

Thanks Tita Pia! ;) I'm so thankful for a generous aunt like you! I love the gift, and you! ♥

This is the eleventh camera. Isn't it just full of loveliness? 

So the main thing of this post is what I realized when I posted the news on my Facebook. Lots of my friends were going all: "Lucky! Lucky!"

I'm not against it though, in fact I even liked the comments of my friends! But, this isn't luck. Two cameras in a day? Not luck at all. This is God. This is God conveying a message that He loves me, that He cares for me and that He IS there all the time. And this doesn't just go for me, it actually goes for everyone. 

God loves you, and he cares for you. He's there for you whenever you need him. I'm not promising all the blessings you wish for in days, but everyone will have a moment in their lives when everything will go just perfectly. In God's favor? Yes! Come to Christ first, then slowly and carefully observe your life as He starts coming to you.

January 26, 2012


the giveaway is now closed!
a big, heartwarming thank you to the participators,
and congratulations to the winners!

Yup, you read that right! 100 followers blog giveaway...no, scratch that: 105 followers blog giveaway!! I'm so happy, I just can't think or say the right things. This is definitely a BIG achievement for me, considering the fact that I only started blogging a few months ago.

SO this is my very first blog giveaway!! I know it's going to be a lot of fun :) Now here are the prizes:

When I first saw the pink ruffle ring, I was like: "AAAHH!! THIS IS ADORABLE!!" It's backed up with these two, kiddy-but-cute pink hair clips, so you get 3 prizes instead of 1! 

Some other cute hair accessories, now in the shade of green (:

Another Ruffle Ring: Except this one is BLACK. It's backed up with thee really cute Jetoy cat bookmarks that I couldn't help but buy from a stationary store! 

Some other hair accessories + cat bookmark 

2 Ugly Doll™ Postcards + Really cute cupcake bag tag!

Ugly Doll™postcards + 2 rigns

Pocket Posh Word Search 3 + Green Muji Pen

And one of my favorites...

A Vintage Necklace!!! :)

{The photo effect changes from now, sorry but it was at night when I took the following photos.}

Some cute (orange) earrings!

Another version of the orange hoops, except now in pink! 

Goodies Pack: -Cake Magnet, 2 MUJI pens (shade of blue), Hamburger & Fries Eraser, Bracelet, Vintage blue notebook, Red Dragon book mark, Mickey Mouse Post its and a soda flavored lollipop!

Not-so vintage, but really cute! A robot necklace. 

OMG, are you willing to win?!? Just follow the steps below!! 

To enter the giveaway:


( ) You must be following my blog via Google Friend Connect. 
Anonymous contestants are not allowed!

( ) You must comment below stating your Email, and possibly a link back to your blog. 
Also state which of the items is your favorite. 

If you want a higher chance of winning, here are some other ways you can get MORE entries!


- Like this Facebook page for my school project! ( 1 extra entry )
-Add the giveaway button on your blog ( 2 extra entries )
- Add my blog button in your blot ( 3 extra entries )
- Blog about the giveaway and a specific prize you want to get ( 4 extra entries )

Special thanks to BOWS & BANDS {a.k.a mom} for supplying me with most of my prizes! 
I shall choose 12 winners for each prize on February 13, 2012: The day before Valentine's. 
I'm shipping the prizes myself, & this giveaway is available to anyone in the world!

Love you all, now go and enter for the giveaway! 

January 25, 2012


Behind my snail-mail writing process...

These are some of the materials I use to make my letters look fancy and pretty.




P.S: Really awesome vintage giveaway here! 

January 24, 2012

Photo Dump

I seriously have no idea on what to post or talk about, because I only need 
until my very first blog giveaway with 10 prizes!!!
 If you love earrings, rings, necklaces, hair accessories...
I'm spoiling you already! :) (There's more, though.) 

Tonight? 100? Can we do it?

January 23, 2012

Questions, oh questions! (2)

What are your 3 favorite things in your room? Andrea

WOW! This is a tough question, because I love almost everything in my room, haha! 

This carries practically everything I want to bring out, haha. I love the floral print. It's sturdy, cute and vintage!

This is the ultimate memory maker. This video camera has saved and kept a lot of meaningful days and memories in my life, and it would hurt so much to lose them all. 

Not only because it's vintage or it runs on film, this camera is one of my favorite things in my room because it came from of my granduncle, who I was very close to. 

What did you get for your birthday? From Cherry

I got a vintage designed bike, a poster, a bag and some stationaries. :) I should post pictures!! Thanks for bringing this up!

Have you ever done snail mail? From Macy
Of course I have! Last year, I would constantly send and receive letters from my best friend Trianna in Australia. (She moved there in 2009.) I also snail mailed with my elementary friend, Jeymi. Right now, I've received a few letters from my cousins and from Sam.

When are you having a blog giveaway and what are you going to give? From Penny

I'm going to have my first blog giveaway when I have 100 followers which is soon…. hopefully! I'm only 4 away 'til the giveaway!!! :)

Can you have a photo contest? Macy

I was actually thinking of hosting something like this. I thought about for a long time and concluded that maybe it wouldn't be the right time, just yet. Maybe soon!

January 20, 2012

Seeking the Light: Metamorphic-ally speaking

What keeps us from getting something done... say homework? Golly jeez, there's Facebook, Blogging, Tetris, reading and sleeping. A lot of things keep me preoccupied from the things I have to do. Now there are also a lot of things that can preoccupy us from seeking the Light, or seeking Jesus. Is it because we had a bad day? Is it because our faith needs strengthening? Is it because we have other gods? Is it because God isn't in the center of our heart?

Sometimes, our responses are like trees. Through the leaves and branches on a tree, you can see a bit of the sun. The light is there, but it flickers and dims regularly. Sometimes, it takes initiative, courage and responsibility to thrash down the branches to see the true light: the true brightness and the true mightiness of God. 

January 19, 2012

Old Pictures

This was during my 6 months of summer. My room was as busy as a bee, and as cluttered as a dumpster. I miss those days. I wasted those days. I can't believe how unproductive I was.

Another day within my 6 months of summer. I like exploring new places. It was nice to have a different work and play space, instead of my room.

Haha, this was when I was so bored, I practically had nothing to do. I decided to make a macaroon list. My favorite one is Charming Cherry. Gullible Green Mint looks like the most awkward one. 

Once again: within those 6 months of summer. I was busy playing with paper and stickers. 

This was when I was home alone one summer day with nothing to do. I miss my Azkals ballerband. I wonder where it is right now.

Yes! Over those 6 months of summer, I had some productive days, like when I reused my old socks and made them sock puppets. 

I love the composition of this photo. Everything seems so quiet, refreshed, simple and clean. Summer 2011. 

And yes, this is me right now.

My nose in a GREAT book.

Me, blogging.

And a whole bunch of homemade cinnamon cookies all to myself.