July 23, 2014

So I've been busy.

Here's a sneak peek.

Dear friend,
I'm sure you recognize this thing called 'wanderlust'. The word has probably been on your bio on twitter or on instagram before. And on tumblr you've probably reblogged some funky typographic art that spells it: WANDERLUST...and then it's definition. 100,000 notes? It's practically EVERYBODY'S favorite word so I'm guessing it's rather familiar. Taking its definition, I've realized: who on earth doesn't have the strong desire to travel? To explore and meet new people and see new places? Who doesn't want to be introduced to vibrant cultures with generations of stories and explosive ideas? It's amazing. I agree. I can't deny any of it.
I think the most exciting thing about traveling is the initial anonymity of a city or a place, and how over the days, the city begins to grow in you and suddenly the value of  the currency makes sense and suddenly you know your way around. And only when you begin to believe that you've 'blended in', it's time to go home.
HA. Yes. HOME where nothing happens. On the palette of beauty, home seems to be a monotone hue in a shade of gray. Compared to travel's remarkable element of surprise, home is dull. Home seems to project itself as this incessant reminder of how boring life is..... BECAUSE- of course! Familiarity breeds contempt! Home is the same-old same-old. It's flat. Linear. Singular. Boring. Bla bla bla.
Am I right?
Guess what?
Ha! I'm not.
It's the best place.
We fall in love with unknown cities but home has always loved us. When we need it most, home will amplify that the constant things in our lives will always mean something to us. Maybe familiarity does not always breed contempt, but comfort as well.
I'm proud of my home and where I'm from. The privilege of exposure is always something to look forward to. But even so, I've gotta make sure I come back. Manila is where I've always belonged and where I will always intend to stay.