Who am I?

I'm Stella, I'm from the Philippines and I'm currently going through the process of figuring out who I am and what I'm going to do in this world. I believe in french toast, in books, in films, in God and in tennis. I'd like to thank you of being a part of this story.

question/comment/concern/hello, i am... ohsillystella@gmail.com
(Forgive me, i was eleven)


Asked questions

How old are you? 16!
What is the meaning behind your blog name? There is no meaning. I wish there were, but i made this blog back in 2010 and I just havent changed the name since..
When did you start this blog? I opened this account late 2010 for a school project and continued posting early 2011. I continued until 2014, stopped for a while, and this year (2015) I've decided to revisit it. Old posts are (fortunately) blocked and exterminated and wiped away from the face of the earth! haha 
Why did you delete your old posts? They aren't deleted, I just reverted them into drafts.
Tips for blogging? I think that aesthetic can fool anyone, but content is what makes people stay. Balance of both is good
What camera do you use? I use a Panasonic Lumix GF-1
What do you use to edit your photos? Adobe Lightroom 4 and ocassionally Photoshop.
Will you design my blog/guest post/sponsor my blog? No, and I'm really sorry. I'm so busy, I can't even fix my own blog! 
Favorite book? The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.


Stealing isn't nice! :)
this blog is going under construction!
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