January 21, 2014


Challenged to write a six word story, the father of modern day literature came up with: "Baby Shoes For sale; Never used."
Other authors and writers have also tried to experiment with the Hemmigway challenge, coming up with awesome sauce like: 

"Eyeballed me, killed him. Slight exaggeration." –Irvine Welsh 
“You? Her? No dice, fat boy.” –Pinckney Benedict
grass, cow, calf, milk, cheese, France –Rick Moody
—I love you . . . –Love ya back. –Courtney Eldridge
My nemesis is dead. Now what? –Michael Cunningham

Ernest Hemmigway and his son - taken by Robert Capa
As amazing as that is, I thank God that writing or expression of thought is not limited to six words only. I can't imagine having to constrain myself and my thoughts to a mere phrase. There is still so much for me to offer and there is still so much for me to say. I think that the only thing that keeps me writing about dreams and ideas is the mere concept of legacy and of wanting to leave a piece of myself behind - the REAL myself: the myself that some of my friends do not even know.
As it is important to carefully choose what we reveal about ourselves and to whom we reveal ourselves to, I believe that when we do reveal, we should reveal freely and without hesitation. I, just like you, am comprised of different experiences that make me think what I think.

I am made up of stories and so are you. I am shaped by experiences and in time, I will have a story to share. Just like you.

So reveal freely. Share ideas prodigiously. Make a mark to leave behind!

Back to the author of "Hills like white elephants"!
I dare you to do the Hemmingway challenge by writing a story in six words. I guess in this case you can explain an idea, drive a motive or define a concept or something - but you're given the limit of six words.
I've tried and IT'S DIFFICULT but it's so fun to do.

We believe the lies we say.
He stares. Never saw her again.
Facing north but heart's at south

January 8, 2014

(inspired by)

So i've been following this blog for a long time mainly for her amazing photographs. She has this feature where she talks about six particular films that she watches in a week. Considering my huge love for film (that I never really had such a huge chance to show here) I've decided to show you the movies that got me preoccupied this week.

Prisoners became one of my favourite movies without hesitation and I love love love love Jake Gyllenhaal. Oscar was alright but I thought it was rather pretentious with its humour. Finding Forrester was a cheesy kind of Good Will Hunting, but you can never go wrong with Sean Connery. Shawshank  Redemption is Shawshank Redemption. Amadeus is an easy favorite. Now You See Me made me want to become a magician but the twist in the ending was twisted itself.

January 5, 2014

If you don't know me, i am...

i like making lots of memories

sometimes i think i think too much (haha)

…or read too much..

sometimes i can be really girly (not that i always want to)

and i try to make my time productive and creative and stuff

i am bound by blind faith and I love God

.. and when i'm alone, i'm either reading sherlock or creating a new playlist.

Here's to 2014!