August 20, 2012


// 01. cinnamon cookies like there's no tomorrow. really, can you guys call me the "cinnamon girl" now? no, i'm kidding. that's hysterical. but really- cinnamon cookies are the most delicious things in the world. besides bubble + milk tea and nutella + strawberry crepes, that is.

// 02. beach trip, again. 7,000 islands from where i am - what do you expect? this time we went banana boating and it was so much  fun! 

// 03. goodbye inspiration place. okay, if you dig deep down in my posts, you'll find a post about my inspiration place - the beach. there is this one specific beach though, that is about two hours from where we live, that we visit regularly. and yes, it is the beach with that long wooden bridge that nobody knows about. it is the beach where i get to contemplate, sing to myself sometimes and just relax. guess what? they tore half of the bridge down, so now it's shorter than it really is. i think they're starting to close that portion of the beach, which really makes me sad. {i am more disappointed than what it may seem in this post.} 

// 04. what came in the mail today? two gorgeous pairs of shoes from my grandaunt totally made my weekend. and guess what? they came from thrift stores in italy & spain! sure, they've been used a few times - but they are still brilliant, bold and beautiful. i love them so much, it hurts.

August 17, 2012

writing again.

life is a roller coaster.
each of us have our own tracks.
different events in our lives make up it's ups, downs, loops, drops and turns.
and God is our seatbelt.

life isn't the easiest and the sweetest thing either. if you look at perspective-- some people say it's a gift, some say it's a burden and some people don't know. but what i'm sure about is, that, yes - different things happen in our lives, and not all of them are entirely good. but all of these things that happen are part of our perfect plan that God has in store for each and e-v-e-ryone of us. and if you believe in Him and have faith in Him, who knows what surprises God has prepare for you in the future?

but it's important to remember that God doesn't work alone. if I don't even bother to care about the roller coaster track that God's given me, then what is the point of life?

am i really doing my best?
am i really doing the right thing?
what is my definition of good?
how has my life been, lately?

i guess it's about perspective. it always is. there are always unanswered questions, biases, our own perceptions and whatnot. well, whatever happens - i think i will never forget to keep in mind, that through the ups and downs of this huge, roller coaster ride, God is our seatbelt. God promises that he will keep us safe, but the ride itself isn't going to be easy.

August 10, 2012

documenting on life.

here's a short video that i made the other day to show you all how i document my life.

and just so that this post is more fun - here are the different stuff i use when i journal! 
n  o  t  e  b  o  o  k   &   p  e  n 
p  h  o  t  o  s 
w  a  s  h  i   t  a  p  e  s  
w  a  t  e  r  c  o  l  o  r  s

woop dee doo, have a happy weekend!

another free curve!!

yup, the creation of my first curve, "amanda" was so fun, i had to make another one! this one is called "eleanor", and it works well with both dark and bright photos. it makes the colors of bright photos boost, and it makes dark photos have a lomography camera effect.

you can download the curve here + if there are any problems, please comment them below! 
yes, do expect more curves :)

to install your curves: 

August 9, 2012

she sells seashells by the sea shore

here are a few words to describe the fun afternoon i just had:

hermit crab hunting. 
pretty sea shell contests. 
rock hopping. 
fishermen in their colorful boats. 
french braids & high ponytails. 

p.s sorry for the obsessive watermarking. i just really want to lessen the number of times my photos have been stolen! sigh. anyway - we did so many things during that fun afternoon. tomorrow, we might go thrift shopping. and then - over the weekend - when i finally get back to Manila, i'll be posting some videos! (not one - some!)

August 5, 2012

some inspiration

hi, everyone! the first day of high school were suspended due to the rains today, so that gives me one extra day to blog about something i have wanted to share with all of you for the longest time!

have you seen this video? if you haven't, it's your time to click on the play button!
you. will. love. it. {especially if you love to travel + you love videography + you love photography + you love the piano}

p.s, guess who's thinking of making a manila version? tee heeee!

much love, stella x

+ awesome free people $50.00 giveaway here!

i'm chill // a playlist

so this is the very first playlist i've ever presented on here. i was working one day in school and i decided to put together a list of songs that made me feel chill. so this is 8 of them. {special thanks to jocee who linked me to 8tracks.com!} 

and...excuse me as i hide in shame as i had just figured out that regina spektor isn't in this list. 


off to munch on some cinnamon cookies (as always),
stella xx

August 3, 2012

dance even when it's raining

inspired by alexa !

today, i took photos with the lovely raya.  


she bakes the yummiest brownies, no joke. 

+ this post = must see.

free curve!

a lot of people ask me about how i edit photos, all i actually do is simply experiment with adobe photoshop cs6's curves! i decided to give you all a free curve that you could use with some of your photos. i named it "amanda".

you can download the curve here.

+ this curve doesn't work well with dark photos!

to install your curves:

photoshop and a bundle of love

so this is what i've been doing to entertain myself in the past 24 hours. it's the last friday of my summer (nooo) and i haven't spent it well. that, i can assure.

anyway! i was home alone yesterday, i baked cinnamon cookies (as always!) and decided to experiment with photoshop. i made these images for fun, but then later decided it'd be nice to share it with you. tell me what you think!

+ below are links to each photo with higher resolutions!

+ you can do whatever you want with these little images (pinterest, tumblr, iPhone / iPod wallpapers, desktop backgrounds...) but you can't redistribute them and call them your own!

Image Map

have a lovely week, everybody!! 

August 1, 2012


sometimes we can be so close to getting what we want or need - so close to winning, so close to hitting that big X that satisfies all our anxieties and worries. sometimes we're even more than halfway to getting it all together, and then something stands in our way. and it tries to bring us down.
and then it wants to stop us.
and then we choose,

if we want to brake the barrier they create,
or if we want to join in with them.
to consider what they have to say,
think twice about what you really do-
and pretend to forget what you believe in.

it was beautiful, it was colorful, and it was noisy. it's wings fluttered continuously in the air and the noise echoed around the room. the butterfly's home was right in front of it, and separating it from triumph was a window. it wasn't the first time i've seen butterflies trying to get out of my house. this, however, was the first time i've seen a butterfly persist.  there it was, trying to knock over the window, going at it again and again and again.

maybe this time?
maybe...if i go harder?
maybe, i should rest.

but never did the butterfly ask itself:

maybe i should try someplace else?

this butterfly seemed as if it was sure about where it was - it was positive and definite about something, about this barrier that kept it from achieving what it wanted to do.

so sometimes, we can be so close to getting what our heart desires. sometimes, things get in our way to "winning" and we are meant to choose. i would go again and again. i would be the butterfly.

p s, i opened the window for it, don't worry!

p p s, i realized that two more until 400 followers! you guys SURE do know how to make me smile!

p p p s,