July 30, 2012

well, it's been raining.

* I was supposed to introduce my love for cinematography to all of you this December , it was supposed to be a surprise. I guess I really can't contain myself. This is a really short montage that I made, so you could feel the "cooped up" feeling I've been having lately. This isn't my first montage. This is only the first that I've actually prioritized, posted and shared!  *

it's tiresome, how the rain relentlessly knocks on my door, tempting and expecting me - me, with a good book, a gratifying cup of hot chocolate and the warm, fuzzy feeling of comfort - to answer it and play with it for a bit, just how i used to years ago.

p.s, would you guys still like my blog if i started posting more vids?

the first step to being beautiful

I wanted to take self portraits for my blog. That was the first thing on my mind when I woke up one morning.  As usual, I washed up, ate breakfast, got my camera and put on something nice. I took about fifty random photos without looking at them, wanting to be surprised. I ended my 'self photo shoot' early enough for lunch, and decided that afterwards I'd start deleting those awkward looking photos of myself.

Oh. my. dear. Ew, terrible, disgusting, gross. Those were the only words that came out of my mouth when I looked over my photos. My hands were rapidly going on with the trash button of my camera. Before I knew it, every single photo I took was deleted by myself. Crushed, I asked myself why I wasn't able to find a single, nice photo of myself. And then I started to become jealous. "Wouldn't it be so much nicer to be those girls in the movies that look perfect with and without makeup, to look so pretty and so attractive no matter what they do to themselves? To own every single photo taken - to just have a whole album or scrapbook of their self portraits..."

The same day, I was frisking Tumblr, satisfying my addiction of The Amazing Spiderman, and I found this amazing, inspiring and lovely quote:

“I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself.”
-Emma Stone

This was so, so, so encouraging. {AND I LOVE EMMA STONE}  But really - it's true. Why should I be ashamed of how I look? Why want to be or look like someone else? Everyone is beautiful - no man can craft anything like us. The first step to being beautiful is believing that you are :)

Have a great week! x

July 29, 2012

medicines and mordor and cupcakes, oh my!

School starts in less than a week, so I've been trying to make the most of my last few days of summer with my friends....and I think you can clearly say that I haven't been making the most of this spare time to blog....blame me, blame me, I know it! I am an odd person. Notice how I had more blog posts during my school days? Kinda funny. 

ANYWAY. I've been trying to make the most of what's left of my summer, but this weekend I couldn't   because I was....SICK. And it wasn't the ordinary kind of sick - like when you get a fever, stay home, have some medicines and feel better in the morning. I was sick for 5 days straight, stuck in Mordor all alone (Just kidding! it was actually just the isolation that killed me..and my terrible headaches).

  1. I reached 40 degrees at one point. (The death doors have opened.)
  2. I couldn't walk. (Getting my laptop from my desk was a chore!)
  3. I couldn't taste (worst part...they prepared my favorite food for dinner!). 
  4. I was so exhausted. 
  5. The medicines varied. (one little, two little three little tablets, four little, five little, six little tablets...)
  6. My tummy was a zoo (wasn't just a fever...sigh) 

I was recovering during my brother's birthday sleepover, and my cousins made cupcakes for him...and everyone else. So yes, due to the consideration of the effects of eating dairy with a recovering bum stomach - I had to die while watching my cousins munch into these lovelies. (Did I mention that they baked cookies too? Cinnamon. My ultimate favorite. Awesome.)

Whatever the case, I am better now! Just one more day of rest and I'll be up and about! 

Much much much much much much love, stellaloooo x

P.s: I have queued up many posts because I feel so bad about not posting so much over the past few days - and I will have a blogging break this August so heads up for those of you who might want to guest post! The sponsor buttons will also go up by then :)

July 19, 2012

I love Fridays: "Party picks"

I'm so sorry I haven't done much of these "I love Fridays" posts as promised, I have another Dear Stella post that is queued up and will be posted this weekend :) Besides that, I also have a series of photos for all of you to enjoy from a weekend party last weekend. I've received notes and emails from friends and bloggers about my first letter to myself - and it fills me with so much happiness to know that a lot of you enjoyed it and were inspired by it! Much love!! P.S I had to purchase space for my blog! Quite frustrating, but oh well - nothing's free forever! 

Note: If you don't want to purchase space for your blogger & you still want to keep your blog, log unto picasaweb.google.com and delete old photos / uploads from posts / blogs that you haven't developed! I did this for a while until I figured that if I really wanted to keep my blog, I had to buy space!

  • Deborah Lippman's Candy Shop shade. Three words? Expensive but lovely. I'm also pretty stoked with their Mermaid's Dream. But really...$18 for a single shade? Please tell me they're joking! However, If I found this at a local drugstore or grocer, I'd buy it without hesitation. But if I don't get my money's worth, {which I really want to doubt} I'd be so frustrated! 
  • This ruffle dress from Dorothy Perkins is so cute! I love the way the collar is designed, and most especially, I love the colors! 
  • Although I don't really think it'd go so well with the dress I chose for this set, {although the twosome is respectable!!} this blazer from Topshop is totally a need. I love the color!! Wouldn't it be sooo lovely if they had one that came in lavender? Or teal? Or banana yellow? Or spearmint?
  • OKAY, Hands down on these amazing shoes that I found on Asos {one of the most effective fashion searching sites...!} The pattern, the colors, the...everything! They would look so darling with lace socks!! {I found a stupendous pair in Macy's, they look so good with my Oxfords! Image from my Instagram!
  • I found the shades on Currently Obsessed and I feel terrible about not saving the link! {Yep, I've lost it!} But won't they look good on any of them warm seasons? Say, a picnic, a trip to the beach, a walk in the park with friends or a swimming meet...
Have a happy weekend!

+ I made a guest post for Jemimah's beautiful blog {Beautiful Blank Pages} yesterday, and I think that it'd be just lovely if you could hop on over there and give her some love for allowing me to do so! She also has a fun giveaway going on for her 2nd blogaversary, go on and join!!

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July 16, 2012

Letters to myself: Letter # 1

Dear Stella,

Wondering why you never get anything right anymore? Wondering why everything you do turns out not the way it should? Wondering why you're so afraid of the world?

You lack time alone. You lack time, in general. You never have time to listen, to pray, or to even to feel the wind and figure out how cold it is. You're a perfectionist right now, you stress yourself too easily. You occupy yourself with your perfectionist ways of having to please the whole world. And you forget. You forget about the sweet taste of your unknown favorite ice cream flavor, the songs of Charlotte Church, your favorite scents: lavender, the ocean and spearmint. You forget that there actually is some happy out there, and all it takes is the time to find it.

A little tip from the girl that has been and gone through you? Sing more. Go on a picnic. Start a blog. Get rid of your guilt pleasures. Stop regretting. Learn to accept the fact that you can't please anyone. Learn. Learn. Learn. Learn that this world you are afraid of has a good side, too. Stop pretending to forget that it does {you know it does} and start looking for it. You're only twelve years old once, and you're too young to live under the cold cobblestone roof of fear.                                                                                                                      From, Stella.

July 13, 2012


First off, I'd like to welcome my new readers!! Welcome to my blog!

The winner of the $75 Gift Card giveaway from Shabby Apple is Mary Kate Anthony - with entry # 312, chosen RANDOMLY by Raffle Copter from 1,331 entries! Congrtulations, Mary Kate! Expect an email from myself and Shabby apple very soon! A big thank you, also, to those who participated this awesome sponsored giveaway, and I promise this won't be the the last one! ;) -cough if you own an store, cough online or not, cough let's talk! cough I am open to sponsorships!

Sorry for not updating too much! Tonight, I will have my first Dear Stella post and I will make up for my "I love Fridays" post on Sunday. I haven't been updating because this December, something new is coming out here, I can't wait to tell you all and show you all! I am preparing for it at the moment. :) I won't give out hints or anything - it's going to be one big mystery!

And yes! The big question of the morning! :) We finally have a second post box {that doesn't use our personal address, but an office instead} and it would be so cool to have a snail mailing penpal! We'll have so much fun just sending each other letters and trinkets and things. It would be so nice to keep up with bloggers when school comes around.

That's about it for today!! Congratulations again to Mary Kate!!! :)

July 8, 2012

my inspiration place

Growing up in a country with over 7,107 islands makes it inevitable to have visited beaches countless times. Yes, you're hearing it from me - I've been to so many beaches so many times for so many reasons.  The shoreline is my best friend, the saltiness of the sea is now a remedy, I battle waves, I bring bread in the ocean to feed fish that stay hidden in the corals, I refuse to wear life vests {dangerous, i know. but the salt water carries me and i can swim against the soft current so the stubborn girl will have to learn} and the buzzing engine of a boat has become a melody that I don't mind hearing all the time.

The beach is my inspiration place. There's something about it that makes me want to sit and contemplate about my life - there's something about it that tells me to snap all the photos I want to before the sun goes down. There's something about it that makes me want to be alone - forever.

Where is your inspiration place? xx

July 7, 2012

I love Fridays: Going out

It's a rainy summer, {poo} however with this Friday's set, I'd love to pretend it's not.

  • I am so in love with these {less than $6} China Glazed nail polishes! However quite vibrant, I love how the tones sort of lean more into on the pastel shade. They {oh so} totally want me to go out on a picnic with some friends.
  • A cross stitch case for the iPhone 4 - so crafty, it makes me swoon. If you had this case, how would you design it? I'm thinking of the image of a sunset, or vintage stamps, or my favorite cartoon character, Finn! {That's right! I still watch cartoons, you mad?:) }
  • I was frisking on Currently Obsessed the other day {you so gotta check it out} and I came across this little lovely straw hat from Nordstrom and I found it so darling! Wouldn't it look so cute with a navy blue or light chocolate colored party dress? Plus, summer's set to be {doesn't mean it is} sort of hot so this hat would definitely keep my face in good condition before school starts.
  • These peach ruby sunglasses from Models Own would be so adorable to wear along with that straw hat from Nordstorm. I found another pair that looks somewhat like it, although I found the color a bit too pale. {It was ranging around the beige shade.} Of course, I was looking for a pair that looked beeeyoootifull with the straw hat I chose - I just thought that the peach ruby colored ones had a prettier contrasting color! :)
  • Customized for Anthropologie, {Guess who went shopping there in SoHo? :) } Bowery Lane Bicycles specialize in constructing stylish, vintage inspired bicycles that look extremely dreamy and beautiful. That crate in the back of the bike? So close to be called the prettiest thing in the world. No kidding. Can you imagine me on that bike going around the neighborhood? I can...until I finally get to figure out the price! 
  • Aubin & Wills when will I ever forget you and your Aireshire printed sweatshirt? I love that print. Nooooo kidding. Perfect to wear with the current weather - it's quite humid but it's also cool. {Why does my summer have to be a wet one!?}
  • Okay I couldn't help myself when I found this party site a few days ago and came across these milk bottles. The idea is I swooned over Lindsey's picnic photoshoot - with how they had the vintage milk bottles and all. It was totally beyond cuteness. And  what's the vintage look without the striped straws? And maybe popcorn bags? {Too cute}

Have you joined the Shabby Chic giveaway? You should!

Have a happy weekend!

July 4, 2012

Shabby Apple Gift Card Giveaway!

Hey everybody, great news!! You, my dear reader, have been given the chance to win a


from one of my favorite online boutiques SHABBY APPLE! Yep, you read that right! Seventy-five dollars! Isn't that that a dainty summer treat? Now if you're unfamiliar about it, Shabby Apple is an online shop that sells some high quality, vintage inspired and cute clothes!!! Their dresses are the most adorable. {Like really - super.}

See what I mean? These totally make you look so classy! And in a way, everyone's a winner because Shabby Apple was so kind to give all of you guys a free code to shop with 10% off your bill! If you're ready to shop, here's the code you can use:


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1. You must have a USA shipping address to enter.
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3. The winner will be chosen randomly by Rafflecopter.

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GO GO GO!!! $75, girls!! Don't miss the chance! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have a lovely week!

July 3, 2012

summer lately + sponsors!

Funny how I've been painting more often. I love love love colors. So much. Black and white is great- but sometimes it can get too boring.

Yep, am taking more self timed shots. I really need some new and proper self portraits soon. Any advice on how to take some good ones?

New purchase! Ain't it adorable? :) Although I think the mustache idea is sort of mainstream and overused, it's still really cute - you can't deny that.

I have been drinking this lovely drink in the past few days. No kidding, I am beyond obsessed. I cannot believe myself sometimes.

+ + +

Ay├║dame! I need sponsors! {Well okay, need sounds too desperate - but really!} It's been such a long time since I started thinking about getting some, but I just thought that I needed to be able to endorse certain bloggers and help them get new readers! It will also benefit my blog in various ways - I'm sure you guys already know how :)

My cousin Hannah

I thought about what requirements were needed for any of you to be my sponsors, although I sort of had the iron fist when thinking about it. I've thought about it and finally decided that I'm just looking for bloggers who relatively post almost the same things as I do, people who have a certain blogging style, those willing to write great photography posts or willingly host some giveaways when asked, those who have presentable blog designs and content, photographers, writers, online shop owners...you get the picture! Email me if you're interested!! 

P.S Big surprise for everyone tomorrow! 

July 1, 2012

new blog design + new things to blog about

Hey all! How has your week been? I can't believe it's the first of July, and I've only got a MONTH of summer left! I better accomplish my summer list before August first ;) 

Honestly, I've already done some of the stuff on it, I just seem to never have the time to blog about them...I know, the idea of summer and "not enough time" totally contradict and DO NOT blend well together. Haha, oh dear. Anyways, It's been about two weeks since you've seen my blog changing, and I am happy to say that I have accomplished the new blog design and I'd love to now what you guys think of it! 

Alrightie, I've received tons of messages going all: "Update your blog more often...I wanna see more posts...new posts please..." and the like and no, they weren't driving me crazy - they motivated me to think of solutions to lessen those messages! (Oh the irony.)

 I thought that maybe I should add features on my blog since I haven't been able to think of too much to blog about besides my current Summer List and photos that I take on a daily basis. Yesiree, ladies and gents (if there are, any) - I decided to add two new features on my blog :)

I was inspired by Melissa Blake at "So about what I said" on how she would write letters to her future husband. I decided that I'd love to do the same thing except I'd write to myself instead :)

Kinda clever for a title, right? I mean, who doesn't love Fridays?? Haha, anyways a lot of bloggers have been posting about their top five or ten favorites from the web or from stores. I was inspired the other day while I was reading the IT list page from Teen Vouge. I decided to do my very own top ten / top five lists of wants that I would make a collage of, talk about {admire and drool, actually} and be inspired by every Friday. 

Yes, I will be posting tomorrow! Heads up, really cool sponsored giveaway coming this month for those with U.S shipping addresses! So excited :)

 And so that this post holds potential, I do not only open it with a photo taken by me, but I will close it with one as well..

Have a lovely Sunday!