June 26, 2012

As promised...

...here are photos that I took during the trip that I had just gotten home from about a week ago! I had so much fun! I have about 800 photos from the trip, but I wouldn't want to bore you all to death! So these are the best photos that I have. Here goes :)

Oh Manhattan. I love how you're so noisy - both morning and night. 

I'm on top of the world!!! (Actually on top of the Empire State building...haha)

The Hudson River and one side Brooklyn...

Oh, Lady Liberty!! 

Home <3

So sorry to burst your bubbles, everybody....but YES, I am for the Boston Celtics!!!

Crepes, crepes, crepes, crepes! 

Driving around Florida... :)

Walking to the Lincoln memorial!

On our way to Fallingwater!

And there it is. Magnificent.

At a friend's horse show in Akron.

Young instagrammers...

Walking and shopping in SoHo!

The last I saw of New York...sigh

Whatever the case, I had a really great time with my family. Til the next trip, America. That ain't the last you've seen of me! :)