February 23, 2013

what i'm leaving behind

When I visit thrift stores, my fascination dwells on machines: cameras, music players, radios, televisions and typewriters. I have this other great interest, however, on letters and photographs. By letters, I mean postcards - or actual enveloped letters written in cursive from around 50 years ago. And by photographs, I mean people and places that I've never seen before: usually they have words like "Paul and Mary, 1954" or phrases (if I'm luck) like "San Francisco. Missing the Philippines."

Yesterday, I took a few shots with my Polaroid Colorpack III. The photos came out so nicely, I instantly fell in love with the camera. When the developed photos came out, I thought of something.

Could it be possible that maybe sixty to seventy years from now, could one of these photos end up in a box in some antique store? 

Would a stranger come across this photo and bother to read what's on the behind?

I would never know. 

If ever, in the distant future, someone comes across these photos, or any photo that I'm ever going to have taken, they're going to read something a little more meaningful than "Paul and Mary, 1954".
They're going to read something meaningful. 
From me.

February 22, 2013

a different kind of empty

You know what my mind looks like?
It's like this washed out polaroid photo. 
It's concrete - it's there,
but it's staring so intently as if waiting
for the answer to a question
that was never asked.

And it's been like that
for a pretty long time,
which sucks.
I'm pretty sure
that it had a great photo anyway.


{Note: You never know what Ideas might change your life.
So document. Everything}

February 3, 2013

thanks an awful lot

first off, i'm going to let if off easily by simply saying: i cannot believe that this blog has crept up to 500 followers. seriously, guys, that's like half of a thousand or twice of 250. most of you might not believe how happy and proud i am for reaching this amount of followers - i never thought it would go this far. so thank you a thousand times over!

it's nice, you know? to figure out that someone is listening to what you've got to say. and that's one thing that i admire so much about blogging: about sharing your stories or talents online on your personalized space. i admire how there are people out there - from several, various countries - who make an effort to type my blog's name on their browser, to wait for it to load, and to scroll down to find a new post, read it, and contemplate. i mean, that's if you understand what you read here! (haha)

so, here's to my followers; old and new.
for putting up with my weird-ness.
and for reading these posts.
and for commenting.
and thinking.
and for breathing.
i mean, seriously, you guys,
you're all amazing.