March 25, 2012

again and again

Okay. I didn't really think I wouldn't be posting for ten days, but every single day the questions kept ringing to me: "What do blog about? What to take pictures of? What to say?" And worried that I didn't give out complete answers, I decided to keep myself discreet from blogging for a little while.

The break from blogging was terrible, if you ask me. I think that the whole idea speaks for itself...(Cyber Hi-5 if you understand why! ☺)

Over those 10 days of boredom and school, the number of pictures I would take lessened each day. Thankfully, Instagram saved a little bit of my life. :) 

I have been on more adventures with my Docs lately: movie watching (hunger games!!!!!!!!!), frozen yogurt eating, shopping, modeling, showing off to other people (hi), running, jumping into leaf piles (hence getting myself into trouble), stomping on puddles and taking pictures. Oh, the fun things that we are able to do together!

OKAY. WHO DOES NOT LOVE BAZOOKA!?!?! AND BAZOOKA JOE'S COMICS????! That is my childhood right there! I was so thrilled when my cousin brought us some Bazooka gum! Apparently, they restocked a local convenience store with these babies. Thank the Lord! :) 

Drooling over these little ones again. And again. And again. They're just full of loveliness. I'm loving that red one on the corner.

Daily Instagram Photos. I'm thinking of adding that into every post I make. I'll choose my three favorite photos of the week/time (making sure each photo has a little story behind it) and add them unto the post!

1. Had a sleepover with the one-and-only lovely Cheska :)
2. Thrifted for some postcards and read some of their messages to pass time! 
3. Am currently addicted to this game: Snoopy's Street Fair! It's so fun, haha!

Follow me on Instagram! (stellapangilinan) If you do, leave a comment below with YOUR username and I'll follow you back :) That's about it for today. I'm sorry if you were expecting more than this!

"MORE THAN THIS" reminds me of One Direction. Love those boys!
P.P.S, A Hunger Games inspired post is coming up!!!! Am so excited for it. 

March 9, 2012

The Little Girls inside of Us

Behind all the makeup, the gossip mags and the boy band posters,
there is a history of pink crafted boxes, flowers and roses, bangles and gem tattoos.


There's the idea of being "Daddy's Little Girl" and "Mommy's Princess,
There are American Girl Dolls and Kit Kittredge books,

There are tiaras, fairies and magical flower lands,

There are pink things.

 costumes and clothes,

boxes of accessories and whatnot,

and there is still me.
The wee little me inside.

Sometimes I wish I were younger than I am today. 

March 5, 2012

how is your relationship with God in terms of faith and confidence?

Here's a little activity for you before the actual post! (This isn't a riddle. Drop the logic!)

Imagine you are a botanist, a scientist that studies plants. One day while you are busy in your lab, it seems that you have discovered a new plant specimen that will most likely be able to benefit the world in many ways, in terms of medication and food. The plant specimen is not yet considered a plant...not after testing, that is. Your co-scientists challenge you to prove the so-called "invincibility" and "power" of the plant specimen you discovered by planting 100 seeds of the specimen in a hot, scorching desert where even cactus seem to suffer. After 3 months, the final report has arrived. How many of your 100 seeds have sprouted and lived properly? 

This little "test" determines your confidence in what you do and what you think. How many of your seedlings sprouted? Less than 50? Around 50? All one hundred of them? If your sprouted seeds counted less that 50, your confidence might need some work to come around! If you got around 50 seeds out of the ground, you must learn to be sure of yourself! If you got 100 seeds up, great! But do you ever cross the line with your self confidence?

Sometimes I doubt myself and forget what I am capable of. Sometimes I get carried away with my ego, that I can start placing myself in a higher position, and I start becoming all arrogant and stuff. Did you know that the bible talks about the two different ideas? 

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

Did you read that? "I can do all things...". Emphasize on 'all things'. God tells us that if we believe in Him and have faith in Him, nothing is impossible. If you do things for the glory of God, then He will forever be on your side! 

Proverbs 3:5

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.

I admit it, I can get carried away with my ego. I can get pretty vain and self conceited with my talents and my ideas. Sometimes if I depend too much on my ideas, I can end up on the wrong place. There are times when we have to lean on God too, and understand that He knows what's best for us. We shouldn't be arrogant with our talents and ideas. You know why? One simple answer: God gave them to us!

How, then are we able to do both? To balance our ego and to trust God no matter what? The best answer is to keep a good relationship with God by reading his word more, by going to Chruch every Sunday, and by praying all the time.

So this is just a little thing to talk about: how well is your relationship with God? How are things working out with you and Him? Have you been ignoring his ideas? Have you been worrying about your abilities? Maybe it's time to have a little walk to the park alone with Him, just to catch up.

Have a great week!

March 2, 2012

Here's a little thing I'd like to call a "great photoshoot and good editing"

Another photoshoot with Hannah! This one is my favorite photoshoot of Hannah EVER! The setting and lighting was brilliant. Hannah was a great model. The photoshoot was followed with some home made crepe cooking and biking. Today was a good day.

Follow Hannah on her one and only twitter account @hannahkathleenp! 
(She has posers! Beware!) 

I personally think that the first photo was my favorite. Which was yours? :)

March 1, 2012

guilty delays and good days

I went book thrifting, and found some childhood favorites of mine! 

(Although The Secret Seven books are some of my favorites, they weren't thrifted for. My dad owned them.)

Okay, who CANNOT love The Baby Sitters Club series? Nostalgia, anyone?

All these polaroid photos have a good and memorable story behind them. 

They sold these for less than three dollars in a local bookstore. I couldn't help myself!  Maybe it's about time I start reading these classics. I have always wanted to try them out.

And this is my big message to my blogger dashboard, my camera, and my lovely followers! 
(How did I get 5 more followers without posting? I am stunned!)