January 28, 2013

hello, hello

[back from the dead]

naw, i'm kidding, but i have to say that it has been a long time since i've found myself scrawling over this part of the internet. anyway, over the little blogging break that i took this month, i

  • turned fourteen (i can't believe it.) 
  • watched swedish house mafia with some great friends
  • discreetly stopped updating my instagram
  • got better at math
  • read less
  • watched more movies
  • ate more food

you know that feeling of lacking? i'm lacking in the great stuff: the stuff that you'd dance contemporary ballet to - those that you'd skip your nutella session for or the ones that you'd remember for a very, very long time. and so whatever it may be; let it be as small as finally finishing anne of green gables or as huge as skydiving - i'm hoping that february brings some of that great stuff. i hope you all have a wonderful week. :)

January 9, 2013


I'm not going to elaborate on 2012, but what I will let you know is that, the year is over, and we've done whatever we did, whatever we could, and whatever we had the strength to do. We've all finished one huge chapter, composed of the greatest and weakest events in the book of our lives. So, this is something I want you to do, for me, to start this year.

The regrets that are growing in you? The pain that has been throbbing that constantly tells you that 2012 was a terrible year? 

I want you to forget it all.

I want you to applaud yourself and tell yourself that this year, you did great. It's because someone as capable, as loved, and ast strong as you doesn't deserve to dwell on those ideas - despite the misunderstandings and despite the mistakes that we all went through last 2012.

God's got a great 2013 in store for each of us. So, with this in mind, it'd be great to start this chapter right - with the right words, the right events and the right attitude.

January 3, 2013

here i lay

I wrote this originally as a poem and posted it another blog, but I thought it would be okay to share it on here with a few changes :)

here i lay on a summer afternoon almost memorizing the pull of the high tide, the scent, how my fingers fit into my sloppy hair and the flight of the wind. it's because one day, all of this will be gonethis innocence. this bliss.

and here i lay on a summer afternoon wishing for anything that might make me forget. forget it all. forget the waves and how they move, forget the salty scent of an endless summer, forget the wind and how it grazes through my disheveled hair, because it just might help to forget. it just might.

so here i lay on a summer afternoon, mixed inside.
because i know, that i will never fail to remember.