August 30, 2015

college essays got me like

What have I learned in my teen years? Oh wow. I’m answering this question again when I turn 20. But I’m sixteen and I’ve already learned so much. It pains me to think that I only have four more years in this "adventure", yet I am proud to say that I have an amazing feeling that these next four years are going to be some of the best of my life. My favorite age as a teenager was fourteen for reasons I can’t seem to name. Either that or I’m just a bit too lazy to name them. But this transition into the weird world? It’s one helluva of a transition. 
My favorite memories so far would definitely involve high school. I met so many people. All kinds of people. I made a solid group of friends that I know I'm going to remember forever. Lived through experiences that I know I’m going to forget soon: petty drama, weird situations, funny boy stories, fights with parents about college and the future, brilliant grades, horrible essays-- all of which have molded me into who I am today. By no means am I perfect. And by no means am I familiar with experience yet. I’m still quite naive. I’m just learning that everyday life is just whipping up extraordinary things. Anything can happen. Nothing is constant. Hope for the best. Expect the worst. Don’t dwell. Talk is cheap and people are liars, but you’ll always love them. Love books, not boys. Separate petty from the substantial. Lie if it saves you from useless drama. Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve. Don't forget where you come from, don't forget who you are. Everyone's always trying to please somebody, so social status doesn’t matter. Maximize yourself. You are lost or saved by what you value. Nothing to prove, everything to improve. God above all.  

August 25, 2015


This summer, my family and I travelled to Italy. I left Manila feeling like I didn't want to leave at all, but I came back wondering why it took me so long to experience that kind of a trip. I felt different when I got back. The good kind of different, I'd hope. This sudden urge to become an accomplished teenager grew in me, and I suddenly have this goal to just make something out of myself and to just do something important and substantial already. I want my future self to justify these experiences, you know? I travel and I realize I can't be idle. I step out of my comfort zone and I realize that there is still so much for me to learn. There's a whole world out there and it's asking me to come visit. Can't wait.

August 24, 2015


Hi. My name is Stella and I've decided to revive this thing. I liked to tell others that I ended this whole thing ages ago but I realized how strange it must have been to hide from the first chapter of what might seem to be a very good story. I wish I had a good joke or something to lure you back into what all of this used to be but this is what I have so far. I'm kind of excited. My words are going to places they've never been to before. You are place one.