November 29, 2011

All I want for Christmas is...

Christmas is all about giving, potlucks, reunions with loved ones, snowballs and snowmen. Christmas is about Jesus. It's about remembering the day that our Savior was born in the Earth.

Receiving presents are wonderful, but Christmas isn't all about getting. Buuuuut, I super duper just want to share with you my little Christmas wish list...a list of wants for Christmas this year!

This iPhone 4 case looks beyond amazing. Gah!
 But before getting the case, I'd have to get the phone itself, first!
 Does anyone sell this kind of case for android Nokia phones? Haha!

What an expensive want! This camera is so gorgeous.
I'm sure that I'm going to snap millions of pictures with this baby.
Hm.....just about 20 years until I get to buy myself my own stuff.

Why are my wants so expensive? This industrial designed set of cabinets look so minimalist, and they're going to look just amazing with some colorful stuff in it.

Okay, who doesn't want another modern-looking typewriter? I love the colors of this
typewriter...Maybe it's just the composition of the photo that made me fall in love
with this...haha!

Useless? YES! Adorable? YES! I could display these miniature block cities on my shelf in a
nice line...these Muji blocks are so useless and such a waste of money...but they
are just so cute!
This is a cute radio that I KNOW I should get, but I believe my mom wouldn't approve the addition to the useless clutter. Not that this radio is useless, but will I actually listen to the radio? Hahah, goodness gracious me. 

Another addition to my camera collection? You guessed that right, pal.