February 25, 2012

Guest post by Kristen

Hi everyone! I am Kristen, but you can just call me Kaye. I am a friend of Stella, and I have a blog just like her. I have only started this month after getting inspired by Stella's wonderful blog. 

I live in the Philippines, in the loud city of Manila. I am fourteen years old and I just love art way too much. I have a large collection of art supplies: be it pens, erasers, brushes, notebooks, markers, crayon, arcylic and other stuff...

I do artworks such as painting, drawing, origami, glassblowing, sculptures, photography and so on. My favorite subjects are horses and nature! :D

I made this little glass bowled ball.

This is a vase I made.

I am totally crazy about the color pink. Pink is my number one priority color.

I also love books very much, I always read books every month. :D Its soo fun to be immersed the worlds of books: like Divergent, Hunger Games, Shiver, Delirium, Book Thief, The City of Glass, The Golden Compass,  and so much more!

 I also adore Sanrio. I have like 5 bags full of sanrio stuff, (not kidding!)

I also like listening to country, pop, classical and opera music. They are my stress-relievers for sure.
Thats it for now. See you soon! And come, check out my blog!

*photos in this post are by Stella, credits and kudos! (haha)*

February 21, 2012

too much of everything is bad // everything?

Just a little post!

I overheard a conversation between a father and his eight-year old daughter the other day while I was eating sushi with my own dad. (Ha ha, what a familiar yet unique scene!) I think that the couple had the most inspiring and interesting conversation ever! Here's how it started:

I put this image here just because...he he
"Daddy, what will you tell me if I told you I will order more sushi?"

Her father thought hard. "I will tell you that you already had more than enough sushi," the father told his daughter, "too much of everything is not good."

I believe that the father was using the opportunity to educate his daughter with such wisdom.

The girl, playing along, said "Even water?", 
"Yes, too much water is not good for you."
"Even vegtables?"
"Even sitting?"
"Even standing?"
"Hmm...even crying?"
"Ha-ha, yes."
"Even singing?"
"Oh, yes."
"Even singing for God?"
"Oh, well..."
"Even loving God....NO! Even God's love! Is too much of God's love bad for us?"

BOOM. She hit the spot!! This made me wanna jump out my seat and shout "AMEN!!" That girl was on fire out there!
So what am I trying to say here? Too much of God's love is the jackpot! One can never get tired of God's love. It's like a different flavor of ice cream everyday, each with a surprise topping! God shows his love for you everyday in the simplest things in life. Early for work or school? There's God's love. Complimented by a friend or a school mate? There's God's love. Got some gifts? There's God's love! Something sad , annoying or enraging happens? There's the enemy, trying to distract us from seeing the light, from seeing God's love.

Have a God-love-filled week! You can never have too much!! :)

February 13, 2012

days never get better

I can't wait to announce the winners of my giveaway. It'll be in the next post. 

Here's a big support to compliment my very short and dull post yesterday: I was in a mountain province called SAGADA for a week! I learned a lot of new things. I really want to go to SAGADA again! Here are the "dramatic" photos I took in the trip.

The trip was like 60% hiking and 40% trekking.

The way to Sagada was filled with the most enchanting landscapes I had ever seen in my life!

This is the gate that seals the Church, the elementary school, the local Hospital and the general store.

Hiking at Echo Valley

Every morning at around 5 to 7 AM, there is a fog that travels around the highest points in Sagada.

Sagada is known for their Agriculture. This was when we were on our way to the rice farm.

On our way to the rice farm... (10k trek!)

Some kids that seemed so joyful before we brought out our cameras

The Sagadans refuse to use machines when it comes to plowing the field. They decide to keep their traditions and use a Carabao!

Me, tree hugging, on our way to the pottery studio.

Sagada has very tall trees.

A trip to the local market


We also visited the Hanging Coffins. The people in the hanging coffins were well respected and acknowledged in the Sagada community. 

Tell me what you think of my pictures! :)