May 31, 2012

a graduation gift!

Yes, I graduated last week! I still can't believe it. I'm going to miss a lot of my friends and teachers so much. One year with them wasn't enough! (Ill make a better post about this soon!)



the twelfth camera!

I'm at a big loss for words. They cannot explain how I feel right now. 

Thank you, mom and dad. 

That feeling makes me happy. I love how I can't say anything because of how overwhelmed I can get. I think it's because I believe that sometimes the greatest feelings that anyone could ever feel are are unsayable or indescribable. 

What makes you happy? x

May 21, 2012

Because Summer is exactly four days away...

Just a really great idea from Bella at this little, lovely blog called Life in the 852

  1. Mother's Day- Today I met a new friend. His name is Phili. I love to make new friends.
  2. Japanese Restaurants- You can never get enough of sushi, seriously. 
  3. Homy restaurants- I love the feeling I get when I enter this restaurant. I love their hot chocolate, ahhh.
  4. Mom- My mom went to Bangkok on a business trip again with my aunt and brought home some lovely accessories for me to play around with.
  5. Heat- I sweat 24/7 now, the average heat goes at about 34 degrees Celsius...Hot or...?!!
  6. New book. New book. (Party dance) Insurgent, the sequel to Divergent. (Kill me, now.)

School has really taken up all the time for me to blog, read, shop and eat. For the past three weeks, I've been doing my best to leave good marks on my papers to make my parents feel proud about the new school they've put me in. And I guess, hard work and faith in God does result to good things...Being a new student does contradict with the idea of me getting any of the school's awards. It's unfair. I'm tired to ramble, but if you think about it harder, you'll understand. 

But guess what? During the awarding ceremony last Friday, I was surprised when they called my name on to award me with the "Most Outstanding New Student Award" which truly surprised me and made me relieved with all the work that I had been doing in the school year, especially in the past few weeks. 

God really works in his mysterious ways, and it is safe to say that good things do come to those who work hard for it! 

I'm free!....for a few days...


Yes, I know. A few days. What could it be this time? Well, it could be a three week trip abroad! Which will truly add vibrancy to my future posts. 

I promise. I promise to the Heavens. My blog will bam this summer. 

I guarantee it--one hunted and one percent.

P.S My english teacher liked my final paper (which was actually a short story), and was wondering if you guys would like to read it, somehow? :)

P.P.S Already saved my Hunger Games blog post on my desktop. It is too pretty. :) Will post it during my three week vacation  / trip :)