July 7, 2012

I love Fridays: Going out

It's a rainy summer, {poo} however with this Friday's set, I'd love to pretend it's not.

  • I am so in love with these {less than $6} China Glazed nail polishes! However quite vibrant, I love how the tones sort of lean more into on the pastel shade. They {oh so} totally want me to go out on a picnic with some friends.
  • A cross stitch case for the iPhone 4 - so crafty, it makes me swoon. If you had this case, how would you design it? I'm thinking of the image of a sunset, or vintage stamps, or my favorite cartoon character, Finn! {That's right! I still watch cartoons, you mad?:) }
  • I was frisking on Currently Obsessed the other day {you so gotta check it out} and I came across this little lovely straw hat from Nordstrom and I found it so darling! Wouldn't it look so cute with a navy blue or light chocolate colored party dress? Plus, summer's set to be {doesn't mean it is} sort of hot so this hat would definitely keep my face in good condition before school starts.
  • These peach ruby sunglasses from Models Own would be so adorable to wear along with that straw hat from Nordstorm. I found another pair that looks somewhat like it, although I found the color a bit too pale. {It was ranging around the beige shade.} Of course, I was looking for a pair that looked beeeyoootifull with the straw hat I chose - I just thought that the peach ruby colored ones had a prettier contrasting color! :)
  • Customized for Anthropologie, {Guess who went shopping there in SoHo? :) } Bowery Lane Bicycles specialize in constructing stylish, vintage inspired bicycles that look extremely dreamy and beautiful. That crate in the back of the bike? So close to be called the prettiest thing in the world. No kidding. Can you imagine me on that bike going around the neighborhood? I can...until I finally get to figure out the price! 
  • Aubin & Wills when will I ever forget you and your Aireshire printed sweatshirt? I love that print. Nooooo kidding. Perfect to wear with the current weather - it's quite humid but it's also cool. {Why does my summer have to be a wet one!?}
  • Okay I couldn't help myself when I found this party site a few days ago and came across these milk bottles. The idea is I swooned over Lindsey's picnic photoshoot - with how they had the vintage milk bottles and all. It was totally beyond cuteness. And  what's the vintage look without the striped straws? And maybe popcorn bags? {Too cute}

Have you joined the Shabby Chic giveaway? You should!

Have a happy weekend!


Holly said...

i want all of those so much!!! lovely choices, stella :)

Acacia said...

Gaaaah. Yesyesyes, all of these things are absolutely darling + lovely!

Oh, and a rainy summer? -- we've got the SAME thingover here in England. (It's all sorts of horrible.)

Xxx. Acacia

Erynn said...

OMG, i'm in love with those IPhone cases!!! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE your newest blog design!!

Anonymous said...


Anna J said...

Love the nail polish shades! ♥ ☺

Bridgette Wensel said...

Oh I love that cross stich phone case and the hat and your blog! Super, super cute!

I am your newest follower! So glad I found your blog! You are adorable.
follow me at: bridgettenicole.blogspot.com

chrissa said...

lov-eh-ley, darling. just as always! love the bike, great selections!

Benlovesting said...

Lovely blog!

kinga said...

that bike and that sweater are absolutely amazing! love them.

ginanorma said...

those cross stitched iphone cases are the bomb!!! love!

limesandsmiles said...

Love this!! Especially the bike and the China Glaze, I am addicted to it haha :) Ixx

little henry lee said...

i've been looking the china glaze nail polishes recently, i've heard good things about them so i think i'll have to buy a few!

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