October 21, 2013

document. for memory

in the past six months, i've developed this love for documenting things. i've written about it a lot and i still don't know if i make sense, so i've decided to write about it often and share (almost) all my thoughts here, with you!

I don't know about many of you but I am a very nostalgic person. Maybe because I've disobeyed Holden Caulfield and maybe I am a bit of an open book and maybe I do miss everybody and everything and the way things used to be. But don't you ever just wish you had this rewind button? Because I kind of have one. Ish. Somehow. 

I appreciate documenting. I'm the type of girl who has hundreds of notebooks only to write on the ugliest one of them all. Haha, but nevertheless I write. Endlessly. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, with an idea, dying to write it down in fear that I'd forget. I write about what I think of people and what I believe in. I write about favorite memories. It's like my default response to life, to be honest. 

I write so that I am able to look back. I'm obsessive about it because I want to leave my mark. And because I think I know myself so well, I want to do my future self a favor. I want her to look back and I want her to tell stories inspired by things and people she probably won't recall. I want her to have a tangible memory.
But even if I believe this is a transitory life, I want to engrave my thoughts in my vessels. With a sharpie pen. Because time will pass and life will change, and as it does, so will my story.


Joy said...
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Kael Conciso said...

We're actually the same. I take photos and videos a lot, I'm scared to forget about the special, occasions in my life.
Nice post.

Verve Hues

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