July 19, 2012

I love Fridays: "Party picks"

I'm so sorry I haven't done much of these "I love Fridays" posts as promised, I have another Dear Stella post that is queued up and will be posted this weekend :) Besides that, I also have a series of photos for all of you to enjoy from a weekend party last weekend. I've received notes and emails from friends and bloggers about my first letter to myself - and it fills me with so much happiness to know that a lot of you enjoyed it and were inspired by it! Much love!! P.S I had to purchase space for my blog! Quite frustrating, but oh well - nothing's free forever! 

Note: If you don't want to purchase space for your blogger & you still want to keep your blog, log unto picasaweb.google.com and delete old photos / uploads from posts / blogs that you haven't developed! I did this for a while until I figured that if I really wanted to keep my blog, I had to buy space!

  • Deborah Lippman's Candy Shop shade. Three words? Expensive but lovely. I'm also pretty stoked with their Mermaid's Dream. But really...$18 for a single shade? Please tell me they're joking! However, If I found this at a local drugstore or grocer, I'd buy it without hesitation. But if I don't get my money's worth, {which I really want to doubt} I'd be so frustrated! 
  • This ruffle dress from Dorothy Perkins is so cute! I love the way the collar is designed, and most especially, I love the colors! 
  • Although I don't really think it'd go so well with the dress I chose for this set, {although the twosome is respectable!!} this blazer from Topshop is totally a need. I love the color!! Wouldn't it be sooo lovely if they had one that came in lavender? Or teal? Or banana yellow? Or spearmint?
  • OKAY, Hands down on these amazing shoes that I found on Asos {one of the most effective fashion searching sites...!} The pattern, the colors, the...everything! They would look so darling with lace socks!! {I found a stupendous pair in Macy's, they look so good with my Oxfords! Image from my Instagram!
  • I found the shades on Currently Obsessed and I feel terrible about not saving the link! {Yep, I've lost it!} But won't they look good on any of them warm seasons? Say, a picnic, a trip to the beach, a walk in the park with friends or a swimming meet...
Have a happy weekend!

+ I made a guest post for Jemimah's beautiful blog {Beautiful Blank Pages} yesterday, and I think that it'd be just lovely if you could hop on over there and give her some love for allowing me to do so! She also has a fun giveaway going on for her 2nd blogaversary, go on and join!!

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Acacia said...

Ahh! -- how is it that we both love the same things? I want everything that you gathered in that photo. :)

Lovelylovely post!

Xx acacia

Acacia said...

ps what you said is so true: nothing is free forever. I had to buy more picture space fo my blog, too. :-/

Littleguitar13 said...

Great choices,Stella!:)

Lianna said...

The dress is so cute!

Sarah Dawneé said...

Hi, Stella!

Just a small tip... I use Flickr to save my photos and then take the coding and copy it into my blog posts. This allows me to continue using photos without having to purchase more photo space through blogger at this time. Though, the only thing is that you should only upload photos to flickr that you rightfully own and took yourself.

I hope you're having a great Friday!

Artha Arihta said...

Maybe you can resize your photos before you upload it :) 400px-550px width are enough. The size will no longer than 1.5mb :)
Btw, i love the shoes!

Morgan said...

Those shoes are so so perfect! x

Shelley said...

Nice party picks Stella! That nail polish does look awesome, though I wouldn't pay $18 for it! :) On my way over to check out your guest post! Also, if I delete the photos from the picasaweb site you mentioned, will they be deleted from my old posts on my blog?

Stella said...

Thank you everyone! :) And yes Sarah, I also forgot to mention that, but thank you for pointing that up! And yep, Shelley - which is why I delete the duplicates, the ones I haven't developed & the ones I don't use anymore (e.g, old background images, old banners, old posts that were deleted, etc...)

Joyce said...

i really like those shades. the shape of the sunglasses looks more unique than typical ones i see :D love the dress too, the color is great!

keep in touch :)

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Evia said...

Really good stuff :)
Evia x

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