July 13, 2012


First off, I'd like to welcome my new readers!! Welcome to my blog!

The winner of the $75 Gift Card giveaway from Shabby Apple is Mary Kate Anthony - with entry # 312, chosen RANDOMLY by Raffle Copter from 1,331 entries! Congrtulations, Mary Kate! Expect an email from myself and Shabby apple very soon! A big thank you, also, to those who participated this awesome sponsored giveaway, and I promise this won't be the the last one! ;) -cough if you own an store, cough online or not, cough let's talk! cough I am open to sponsorships!

Sorry for not updating too much! Tonight, I will have my first Dear Stella post and I will make up for my "I love Fridays" post on Sunday. I haven't been updating because this December, something new is coming out here, I can't wait to tell you all and show you all! I am preparing for it at the moment. :) I won't give out hints or anything - it's going to be one big mystery!

And yes! The big question of the morning! :) We finally have a second post box {that doesn't use our personal address, but an office instead} and it would be so cool to have a snail mailing penpal! We'll have so much fun just sending each other letters and trinkets and things. It would be so nice to keep up with bloggers when school comes around.

That's about it for today!! Congratulations again to Mary Kate!!! :)


Lianna said...

Can't wait for that super exciting something, Stella! x

Chin said...

Stewwa! We miss youuu... Love your blog <3

Ashley said...

I'd love to be penpals! :) :D And I'm so excited for December!

maryrachel said...

I like your pen pal idea!

Semeeah said...

Hello Stella!
I love how you are doing snail mailing penpals!I also sent you a email a long time ago.Here was my email that I used to send you a email.
Have a great day Stella! :)

Shelley said...

Congrats to Mary Kate! :) And I can't wait to see what the big mystery is that's coming up later this year!

limesandsmiles said...

Just found your blog and liking it! I am your new follower :) Ixx

ps. If you like to check my blog:

Kryn said...

I wish I had vintage camera's! Can't wait till December... (For a bunch of reasons!)

Mary Kate said...

Ahh! So excited to win! I really was not expecting too. Thanks so much!!! :)

BeckyWise. said...

I would love to be penpals, I'm becky 15 and come from england! I blog at www.theyellowbuttercup.blogspot.com but i'm starting a new blog soon! - Becky x

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