April 3, 2014

Does it ever get to you that

I can't let pain act as a deterrent for life. I'll admit, I love people and their stories but there are times when people wear me out. Who am I to talk? I'm just some fifteen year old who's probably having a bad day. But do you ever think about how some people just really know how to sink into your skin and rummage through thoughts and feelings that make you want to scream? The sad thing is that sometimes they don't even know it, but the infuriating fact is that sometimes they actually do and it's this thing that tests my backbone and i'm forced into friendships and forced into words that i don't mean. It's crazy. It's crazy what people like me can do. It's crazy how we think. STILL, life is what I make it. Amidst all this, there are good days waiting to be lived and there are good memories waiting to be experienced. April's going to be a good one. 


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