June 30, 2013

where've they gone?

i want you to know:
i love blogs! all sorts of em. most of the ones i enjoy reading evoke insight that genuinely excites me because they're the kind of ideas that are brilliant and (always so) well-explained. they're the ideas that can't be found in school books and that kind of stuff. but this is something i want to say.

where have the unique stories gone?
i love all of the blogs that i read, but i feel as if familiarity breeds... yeah, i won't go on.
i've read about making choices, about proper life attitudes, about believing in myself, about inner beauty and those kinds of things. hey, don't get me wrong, i've written about these things recently and i don't regret that. but what i'm trying to say is, i want to encourage myself to avoid writing cliche. to avoid writing the story that everyone's already read or heard, just in different words. because if i fill myself with the exact, same stories everyday, eventually the stories that i am meant to tell will change.. into something a little more influenced by the world. a little less of who i am.

i don't know if you believe in the same thing.
but i mean, write about how pasta could change the world or something.
think and write about something that nobody has ever heard of before.


Jianine said...

this is so true. amazing post as always :)

Sierra said...

So lovely and inspiring Stella :) I love the line about "encouraging yourself to avoid writing cliche" that could very nearly be the whole idea of writing to inspire. To do something new and strange and shocking :D

Katyha said...

I agree! where are the real stories, real photos, real life? they somehow got lost with all the nonsenses of today I believe :(

Jemimah said...

Hey, glad to see you back in the blogosphere! And I agree with you here. We've tried so hard to write the same messages repeatedly, as if we feel we have to. And while that's not completely wrong, forgetting or choosing to ignore to be daring and truly innovative is putting great potential to waste. Here's to world-changing pasta. No, really, thanks for the reminder!

maryrachel said...

Amen -- I agree.

Jocee said...

i dare you to write that post about pasta.
i'm honestly thinking of doing a lint-appreciation post. (you'd have to see it to get it; i promise i'm not crazy, except not really, i'm absolutely bonkers.)

in all seriousness, i've been withdrawing myself from blogs that tend to say the same things. some of the blogs are lovely, to be sure, but they only make me feel inadequate. and i'm all for letting people know that they are brilliant as they are. <3

Mgx Aquino said...

i also hope to have a brilliant mind (like yours) to see common things in a not-so common way. =) i wonder if my blog would ever go to that direction. *sigh* someday... thanks for the inspiration Stella! [discovgraphies.blogspot.com]

flutterhappy said...

You're right. " feel as if familiarity breeds... yeah, i won't go on.';)

Tin said...

In love with your blog. <3


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