August 20, 2012


// 01. cinnamon cookies like there's no tomorrow. really, can you guys call me the "cinnamon girl" now? no, i'm kidding. that's hysterical. but really- cinnamon cookies are the most delicious things in the world. besides bubble + milk tea and nutella + strawberry crepes, that is.

// 02. beach trip, again. 7,000 islands from where i am - what do you expect? this time we went banana boating and it was so much  fun! 

// 03. goodbye inspiration place. okay, if you dig deep down in my posts, you'll find a post about my inspiration place - the beach. there is this one specific beach though, that is about two hours from where we live, that we visit regularly. and yes, it is the beach with that long wooden bridge that nobody knows about. it is the beach where i get to contemplate, sing to myself sometimes and just relax. guess what? they tore half of the bridge down, so now it's shorter than it really is. i think they're starting to close that portion of the beach, which really makes me sad. {i am more disappointed than what it may seem in this post.} 

// 04. what came in the mail today? two gorgeous pairs of shoes from my grandaunt totally made my weekend. and guess what? they came from thrift stores in italy & spain! sure, they've been used a few times - but they are still brilliant, bold and beautiful. i love them so much, it hurts.

August 10, 2012

documenting on life.

here's a short video that i made the other day to show you all how i document my life.

and just so that this post is more fun - here are the different stuff i use when i journal! 
n  o  t  e  b  o  o  k   &   p  e  n 
p  h  o  t  o  s 
w  a  s  h  i   t  a  p  e  s  
w  a  t  e  r  c  o  l  o  r  s

woop dee doo, have a happy weekend!

August 9, 2012

she sells seashells by the sea shore

here are a few words to describe the fun afternoon i just had:

hermit crab hunting. 
pretty sea shell contests. 
rock hopping. 
fishermen in their colorful boats. 
french braids & high ponytails. 

p.s sorry for the obsessive watermarking. i just really want to lessen the number of times my photos have been stolen! sigh. anyway - we did so many things during that fun afternoon. tomorrow, we might go thrift shopping. and then - over the weekend - when i finally get back to Manila, i'll be posting some videos! (not one - some!)

August 5, 2012

some inspiration

hi, everyone! the first day of high school were suspended due to the rains today, so that gives me one extra day to blog about something i have wanted to share with all of you for the longest time!

have you seen this video? if you haven't, it's your time to click on the play button!
you. will. love. it. {especially if you love to travel + you love videography + you love photography + you love the piano}

p.s, guess who's thinking of making a manila version? tee heeee!

much love, stella x

+ awesome free people $50.00 giveaway here!

August 3, 2012

dance even when it's raining

inspired by alexa !

today, i took photos with the lovely raya.  


she bakes the yummiest brownies, no joke. 

+ this post = must see.
this blog is going under construction!
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