August 1, 2012


sometimes we can be so close to getting what we want or need - so close to winning, so close to hitting that big X that satisfies all our anxieties and worries. sometimes we're even more than halfway to getting it all together, and then something stands in our way. and it tries to bring us down.
and then it wants to stop us.
and then we choose,

if we want to brake the barrier they create,
or if we want to join in with them.
to consider what they have to say,
think twice about what you really do-
and pretend to forget what you believe in.

it was beautiful, it was colorful, and it was noisy. it's wings fluttered continuously in the air and the noise echoed around the room. the butterfly's home was right in front of it, and separating it from triumph was a window. it wasn't the first time i've seen butterflies trying to get out of my house. this, however, was the first time i've seen a butterfly persist.  there it was, trying to knock over the window, going at it again and again and again.

maybe this time?
maybe...if i go harder?
maybe, i should rest.

but never did the butterfly ask itself:

maybe i should try someplace else?

this butterfly seemed as if it was sure about where it was - it was positive and definite about something, about this barrier that kept it from achieving what it wanted to do.

so sometimes, we can be so close to getting what our heart desires. sometimes, things get in our way to "winning" and we are meant to choose. i would go again and again. i would be the butterfly.

p s, i opened the window for it, don't worry!

p p s, i realized that two more until 400 followers! you guys SURE do know how to make me smile!

p p p s, 



Kryn said...

gah, love this. You write so wonderfully. Almost 400 followers? Congrats! xoxo

Elisha(: said...

398?! You go girl! Gosh. This post is lovely.

Anonymous said...

:) i guess that butterfly would never have been able to open that heavy window...not in a million billion years! But its persistence caught your attention and you opened the window...

Shelley said...

I love how you looked at the butterfly's determination and related its situation to real life. I probably would have just simply opened the window and not have thought twice about it all. Anyways, lovely photos and congrats on your almost 400 followers! :)

Stella said...

That's how God works :)

maria rita cecilia said...

how beautiful, Stella. yes. sometimes we don't need to understand what blocks us even. just need to believe the path meant for us exists ...and move to tread it, even when we don't see it. sometimes, we just have to accept that we need to change our point of attack, change our focus, and move to be free.

Jianine ☺ said...

Something so simple made us all realize about this in life. Love this post, Stella, beautiful photos!

Jessie said...

Voila! 400 followers for you, Stella. I. Love. Your. Blog. (:

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