December 9, 2012

hello, december !

for saturdays,
for the scent of cinnamon on christmas eve,
for sprinkles and marshmallows on cupcakes,
for long, soothing bubble baths,
for a pizza delivery that comes in earlier,
for books with earned endings,
for lord of the rings,
for the rays of the sun that peek through my curtains every golden hour,
for friends that are always going to be there and;
for every little thing in this world that I don't deserve.


Elisha said...

OHMYWORD. YOU are so talented! That shot.. asdfkljkd!

Sierra said...

I love those last three! Gorgeous photo Stella! I love sunlight kissed pictures :D xoxox, Sierra
Keep growing beautiful!

Lydia said...

That is such an amazing photo. Seriously amazing.

Barbora said...

Helloo Stella!
IS IT you jumping there?
The photo is beutiful!
U have lovely thoughts ;))

xx Barbora♥

Anh said...

That photo is absolutely stunning! The song "you are my sunshine" immediately popped into my head :)

little henry lee said...

lots of wonderful things to be thankful for, i agree with you on every point!


Silverstreak said...

beautiful, graceful photo. i've tried to figure out how you did it but still don't have a clue.
i love all of those things too, the season gratefulness and nostalgia has begun

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