November 18, 2012

you are brilliant

dear you,

here's a little something that
i want you remember 
despite anything
(or everything)
that's going on.

never lose the spark
that makes you - you.
never - ever - dim the light
that shows others
the person you really are underneath.
show them that you're strong,
that you are capable.

you are brilliant.

you have amazing ideas
that only you can say.
you have got something to share
for the world.

and never forget,
- in the process of your sharing -
you are already a winner.



Hanifah Husein said...

You are amazing

Elisha said...

YOU are brilliant.

Nela said...


Anonymous said...

What kind of polaroid camera do you use?

Barbora said...

Really nice quote :)) Very thoughtful :))

xx Barbora♥

Kryn said...

Dear YOU, YOU are amazing!

Acacia said...

Dear Stella,

YOU, YOUUUU are brilliantamazingwonderfulandfantastic. and more. even more.

xxx acacia

Regina Navata said...

this. is. exactly. wonderful.


Holly said...

This is amazing...so true!
YOU are incredible, Stella :D

Anh said...

The lights are absolutely beautiful! And welcome back, I've been wondering where you disappeared to :P

Artha Arihta said...

this is beautiful, Stella!
I feel inspired with this post!

Jianine ☺ said...

how sweet! :)

Kate said...

This is wonderful!
(and I just adore the word 'brilliant')

---->> Kate

Elisha said...

Check your email!!

Elisha said...

Check your email!!

Lindsey Madison said...

hey stella!! this is the coolest post. i say you're the brilliant one. :) xox lindsey~

Sierra said...

This is like a super lovely post Stella! It's really encouraging...don't you forget to shine either ;) Sierra
Keep growing beautiful!

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