November 4, 2012


there's something about people that i really admire. maybe it's our capabilities? how diligent we are to create advanced technologies and whatever. maybe it's our own fate? how everyone has their own story, their own purpose and their own destiny? maybe it's our success? from typewriters to touch screen, from pinball to temple run...

yes, i guess, in some ways.
man's triumphs and success is absolutely beautiful and admirable.

but - no - in its own ways as well.
there is so much more behind triumph and success.

i love people because we have the capability to learn. we always have open windows that allow us to look outside and expand our mindset on things - to yearn for answers and knowledge. and through the many situations that this roller coaster of life gives us- let it be as ambiguous as identifying a new car smell & choosing whether we like it or not, or as big as choosing an investment company for something really big - we learn something new everyday.

and we learn things because?
we're imperfect. there is still so much more for us to learn.

pencils need erasers and keyboards need delete buttons. we know what failure feels like so that there is such thing as success. i love how we learn to mend ourselves on a daily basis - whether it be through friends, long hours on pinterest, reading the bible during golden hour, or taking the first bite of a red velvet cupcake. we learn to mend the wounds that is caused by society and its people, we learn to live the better life - we slowly understand the world and how it works and we make the most if it. and everyday, as we fail and succeed, we learn more about ourselves, which makes this journey more eventful in every way possible.

it's not easy for all of us to acknowledge the fact, but this life that we have is the biggest self discovering journey that anyone or anything might ever have. we learn about what we like and what we don't like; we realize things and take it all in. everyday is a higher step to learning who we really really are inside.

i've been thinking about opening a blog like this for months - it's finally on.

{ it's good to be back here, haha }
{ i think that jack dawson is my new favorite movie character }


abigail grace {life with grace and faith} said...

Stella, this was such a nice post. I enjoyed reading it. :)

Acacia said...

stella. this is wonderful. ABSOLUTELY wonderful.

xx acacia

chrissa said...


Elisha said...

SO. I started out reading this post really confused.. So I re-read, and realized your really intellectual. :)

Jianine ☺ said...

this is lovely, stella :) 100% agree on everything.

Mary Kate said...

Beautiful words Stella :)

Shelley said...

Love love love this post Stella. So true, I agree with every beautiful word you said. We're all here together trying to figure out life and our purpose. Like you said, there's always more to learn. :)

Jaztin Yabut said...

I agree on everything that you said! Beautiful words.

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