January 5, 2014

If you don't know me, i am...

i like making lots of memories

sometimes i think i think too much (haha)

…or read too much..

sometimes i can be really girly (not that i always want to)

and i try to make my time productive and creative and stuff

i am bound by blind faith and I love God

.. and when i'm alone, i'm either reading sherlock or creating a new playlist.

Here's to 2014!


Noni Joy said...

gorgeous snap shots! ^_^

Chrissa said...

Are you back for sure? :P

abigail grace said...

This is such a cute and creative post! What did you use for the floral background... is it a bed sheet?

Anonymous said...

I've missed youuu!!!!!!!! :) You know, you're the inspiration behind my Panasonic purchase. True statement. :)

Erin said...

This is gorgeous! Love love love love

Anonymous said...

hhaha, I love this little post(:

Lydia said...

That is a lovely assortment of books. Missed you, Stella.

Jianine said...

this is wonderful :) these little stuffs make my day, heh x


Anonymous said...

so cute!!

Megann said...


Kylie said...

First of all, you sound amazing.
Second, I love your camera, and I now want something like it.
And third, your comforter/quilt/blanket is lovely, and I've wanted something with that kind of print on it for a while now.
Thank you for giving me such happy thoughts to walk away with :)

kimberly said...

All those books, pictures, and cute stuff makes me happy!

Karen O said...

lovely post, and lovely photos!

karen, elashock.com

Laura Uy said...

that dress is SOOO pretty! I love it. Such cute photos :)



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