September 29, 2012

oh, october?

I pity myself when I see all of you talk about autumn, and realize how lucky you are to have that beautiful season that I have only ever been able to experience from photos or movies. I think of big piles of leaves, jumping in them and making messes (stereotypical or...?) and how the wind slowly becomes colder as the days grow by....

Anyhow, I can't believe that October starts after tomorrow, it's hysterical! Time has gone by so fast, yesterday felt like summer was just beginning. However, I am looking forward to so many things. (More blog posts, and Christmas being some of them.) I can't believe September is ending!!!

But just like I promised, here's a video I made to honor this fabulous month that's going to end so soon.

Here's to

the sleepovers
the baking dates
the concerts
the bowling party

the people
that made
this month

e x t r e m e l y


October? Bring it! 


chrissa said...

♡ love

acid said...

That video was so creative wow

Alexandra said...

lovely video. you're amazing! xx

Unknown said...

this is one of the best videos i've ever seen. that was amazing!

Semeeah said...

I was watching your video and i have a question to ask you about it.In the video is that you or just your friend or somebody that related to you?I also love the room!I also love your new blog too!I think your blog banner is better than your old banner.I was also wondering if you did write me a letter yet or not just yet.Please contact me or reply back to my comment thanks!

abigail grace said...

WOW. That video was just lovely! I can't wait for more. :)

MaryRachel Bulkeley said...

It IS crazy, isn't it? I feel like September has just begun!
And that video? Enchanting. Darling. Beautiful!

Mackenzie said...

This is SUCH a GREAT video!
this has inspired me to make a video of october on my blog!
xx Mackenzie

Elisha said...

GAH. You, twin-o, are amaaazing. That video IS STUNNING. And has me excited for fall. SO lovely. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Elisha said...

You are missing out on REAL fall. ☹
Come visit me and see it!?

Stella said...

I am truly jealous!!
Yes, I should VISIT indeed and experience it along with you!!!
Hahaha, you are the loveliest!

Holly said...

I love this vlog. Escellent filming, Stella.
You're amazing :) Thank you for honouring my favourite month just the right way...I feel good now about it being October! :)

Elisha said...


You are lovely! -- SO lovely that I posted the link to this on my blog! ♥

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