December 27, 2011

Reasons Why I Love Christmas

It's when people wear cute shoes.

It's when kids get the creepiest but loveliest toys.

It's when pictures are taken.

It's when music's played.

And it's when happiness comes in  billions of names.


Lianna said...

You have a big family, Stella! (: Hope you had a good Christmas. Btw, I got inspired by you to make a blog so please don't find me as a copier. lol

Morgan said...

great pictures! :)


Lauren Anne said...

i love these pictures. especially the last one!

mary ann said...

I want those shoes :)

Anonymous said...

omg you're related wit Gary and Gab Valenciano? coolio :-)

Stella said...

@Lianna, Happy Holidays! And no, I don't mind at all :-) You too!

@Morgan, Thanks, love!

@Lauren Anne, It was an awfully exciting event! Thank you :-)

@Mary Ann, Super! The moment I saw my cousin wearing them, I was just like: "PICTURE!"

@Anonymous, :-)

Emma said...

i hab a crush on your little brother <3 (the three year old one)

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